Youthful facial contours are shaped like the letter “Y”. The face appears wide at the top in the eye and cheekbone region then narrows to a point at the chin. As we age, the arms of the “Y” shape begin to widen steadily downward. As this widening occurs, the youthful shape of the face begins to disappear and like a balloon, the face deflates and loses volume. The surface that was once taut becomes misshapen, wrinkled and sunken as a result of the aging process.

Structural Volumizing.

After years of study, Dr. Yan Trokel created a revolutionary minimally invasive facial contouring technique he calls the Y LIFT that is based on a “structural volumizing” philosophy and has recently passed that knowledge on to Dr. Mark Debruin after extensive training and careful consideration. In the aging process, volume and structure are what is gradually lost and absorbed by our bodies.

The Y LIFT replenishes the lost volume and restores youthful facial contours. The uniqueness of the Y LIFT is that it not only revives the ideal youthful shape, but also enhances and beautifies the natural features making the procedure suitable for persons of all ages. It accentuates the cheekbone region, revives the under eye area and defines the jawline and upper neck instantly.

It requires no incisions, stitches or general anesthesia.

The Y LIFT procedure is performed using a specialized titanium instrument which is inserted beneath the skin and then maneuvered throughout designated parts of the facial region to instantly lift and contour the muscles, fascia and fat underlying the skin. Once lifted, hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in the skin is used to hold the newly elevated position in place at which point the titanium tube is removed from the treatment site. The rejuvenated face is then “sculpted” to accent and highlight each individual’s beauty.

8 Y LIFT® Procedures:

Y LIFT: a minimally invasive facial contouring, using Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC, which accentuates the cheekbones, under eye area, defines the jawline and lifts the upper neck with no incisions, no anesthesia and produces instant results.

Y LIFT Plus: a minimally invasive facial contouring which accentuates the cheekbones, under eye area, defines the jawline and lifts the upper neck with no incisions and no anesthesia, using Juvéderm Voluma for the same instant and beautiful results as the Y LIFT, but longer-lasting.

Y LIFT S: a combination of the Y LIFT or Y LIFT Plus, along with with the non-surgical KYBELLA treatment (double chin removal). KYBELLA removes unwanted fat, while the Y LIFT or Y LIFT Plus rejuvenates and refreshes the face by accentuating the cheekbones, under eye area, defines the jawline and lifts the upper neck, all without incisions or anesthesia.

chYnjection: instantly reshapes the chin and jawline restoring your natural, youthful “Y shaped” symmetry.

Y LIFT Procedures are performed by Dr. Mark Debruin in Orangevale, CA. The Y LIFT and Y LIFT Plus are also available through Debruin Rejuvenation Center.

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Y LIFT represents the leading edge in facial aesthetic contouring and cosmetic laser skin treatments. Debruin Rejuvenation Center is a Certified Y LIFT Provider that is committed to providing the best results and an all-around exceptional patient experience with the highest level of care possible.

Y LIFT offers the latest medical technology; your Y LIFT procedure is performed in our accredited surgical facility under the care of Dr. Mark Debruin, a board certified physician who has seen specialized training developed by Dr. Yan Trokel, the innovator of the Y LIFT technique.

Debruin Rejuvenation Center extends beyond specialized training. We are committed to ensuring that our physicians and patients are up to date on the latest advances science and medicine have to offer. Through our continuous improvement methodology we are constantly innovating and updating the services and products available to our patients. Utilizing our combination of modern technology, scientific skill, and the gift of artistry you will attain a beautiful and more youthful appearance without compromising your natural facial integrity.

Debruin Rejuvenation Center provides patients the luxury of natural looking results coupled with a rapid recovery. With each individual case, doctor Debruin will devote his expertise, taking into account your individual concerns to produce results without the obvious signs of surgery. The Y LIFT approach is subtle yet transformative!

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